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  • "Alexa, enable My Talking Newspaper"
  • Phone 0330 22 33 452 (standard rate)

Phone pricing update 7th May 2020

BT currently has an offer which may significantly reduce or cap the costs of calls.

Capping call charges for landline only customers at £5 a month
Who is eligible for this change?
Customers who have no fixed broadband in their home (including those with Home Phone Saver) will be eligible.
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If you produce a talking newspaper or have any problems using the service, please contact us at any time:

Service update May 11th 2020

Thanks to assistance from the RNIB, we've added over 140 talking newspapers newspapers to help them through the current situation for the next few months. We've been inundated with requests, so if we've not responded to you yet, please bear with us.

FAQ and terms

  • All content is produced by the individual talking newspaper organisations themselves.
  • Talking Newspaper Services Ltd and RNIB are not responsible for any content heard.
  • Calls are logged anonymously purely for the purpose of providing stats to each talking newspaper and RNIB
  • Logging is only to the town (dialling code) level and cannot be used to identify individual callers
  • To enable basic functionality, numbers are encrypted and stored short-term in a database
  • Callers may with-hold by prefixing with 141 and use the service, however, enhanced functionality (favourites, quick resume etc) may be limited
  • Phone numbers are never stored unencrypted, anywhere, ever
  • No aspect of any personal or identifiable caller details will ever be used for marketing or contacting callers
  • This service is not connected with or supported by the Talking News Federation
  • However, to contact a talking newspaper, please use the TNF Directory